Webmaster Services

Webmaster Services

Put your site on auto-pilot and let AMP take care of the difficult tasks! We offer Webmaster Services for WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla & Custom coded web sites. We’ll take care of the updates, patches, bug fixes, security, backups, seo’s and more. Leaving you (the site owner) to enjoy your web site. If given enough time, we’ll even further your site each month. Designing, building, and progressing your code to help achieve your goals! Webmaster Packages are hourly and start at 1 hour per month. Most plans include free Web Hosting on our industry standard cPanel/Linux servers. See our Pricing below.

Your own Personal Webmaster!

We’re here to accomplish your tasks! Have you ever wanted to have someone watching over your web site? Developing further, creating new graphics, taking those ever important extra backups and most importantly, keeping your web site moving forward at all times. That’s what we do! We’re your own private Developer, Designer, Content Writers and more.

You can Call us, when you need us!

Your Webmaster is YOUR Webmaster. You’ll have his/her phone number and the ability to call, text, email or skype at any time. We live in the United States, speak proper English and will always make the time for you!

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Webmasters, hard at work!

Depending on the amount of hours you purchase per month, we’ll do as much as we possibly can! You can simply set us on Auto-Pilot – and we’ll follow our normal course of actions, or you can assign us tasks/goals.


Your Webmaster will take his/her usual local backup, then a remote backup of your web sites files & database. Next, we check for any updates to plugins and core code. If any have updates, they are applied and checked for bugs. Repair/patch as needed. Error logs are checked/rotated, repairing any errors found. Security is checked/furthered (we’re always furthering our security strategies). Finally (time allowing) we transition to SEO’s, analytics and general Web Master duties. We complete the process by emailing you a report and a summary of all work/changes/updates.

Assigned Tasks

It’s good to keep us busy! Send your Webmaster assigned tasks at any time. These can be as large or as small of a project as you’d like. From adding content to building advanced integrations and plugins. We’ll use the time given to make progress each month until completion.

Extra Hours?

You can always add extra hours to your Webmasters schedule! We never bill you for extra hours, unless you’ve pre-approved of them first! No surprises!!! If you’ve assigned your Webmaster a large project, and you’d like to add hours to his/her schedule, please feel free to send a request directly to your Web Master.

Change plans at any time

If your site has grown and your ready for the next level of Webmaster plans, you can change your plan once per month, from within your Account.