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Designed for Professional use; This is not your typical cheap hosting!
Our Professional WordPress Hosting is designed with the pro in mind! “Shared hosts” are fine and dandy, until you hit their strict resource limits (as you must share with a thousand or more neighboring sites). Our Pro WordPress Hosting is restricted to only a select few web sites per server/machine. Allowing us to assign you a maximum amount of resources, while never being hindered and allowing for long term growth.

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Professional Grade WordPress Hosting
Professional Web Hosting built with WordPress in mind! Enabling Web Developers and Designers to the maximum. What does that mean? It means we are NOT some overselling conglomerate, packing over 1,000+ sites on a single “shared” server. NO! In fact, our WordPress Web Hosting is designed for Professional use. Ideal for Web Developers, Extremely Important Sites, as well as the WordPress site that needs more power – less restrictions!

Hosting Built for WordPress Pro’s!
We’ve spent 20 years developing, designing and building on various platforms. From building our own hosting servers, to running every flavor of Linux, we have logged thousands of hours in experimentation, design and structure in both front and back end technology. This led us to launch our own linux based hosting that filled the gap between shared hosting, and running your own VPS or Dedicated Server. (Need one? Ask).

Supported by Web Developers in the US:
Our Pro WordPress Hosting Servers are run and supported via actual WordPress developers. All of our staff live in the United States, speak proper English, and can likely help you debug just about any error you may ever encounter. Always available for hire, our support staff can go from debugging to building in a moments notice. Can your host do that? Will your host do that?

Yes, we know our pricing is high in comparison to the big name “Shared Hosts” of the world. But, what you give is what you get! Ask yourself this: How can a company profit when they charge only $3.95 a month for hosting? The answer: Pack the hosting server with 1,000+ websites and restrict the users down to the most minimal level – where your site just barely operates and you are not allowed to take backups via your cPanel (as it will use too much resources). Outsource your support to India and hope that nobody realizes that “Bob Smith” is really “Buantumish Sarishnimalabob” as the overseas staff completely fails to use connecting words in their abuse of the “engrish” language. Sound about right? On average, that’s what $3.95 a month buys you. This is also why we do not offer THAT kind of hosting service. Instead…

A Real Price, for Professional Service
Our hosting fills the gap between shared hosts and dedicated/vps servers. Having very few (from 4 to 20) sites on a single server, means we can give you all the horsepower (cpu) and resources, without the limitations. IE: Yes, the cPanel backup feature is fully enabled for your use! You are allowed remote backups. Yes, that backup plugin you’ve been trying to use, will work (or we’ll make it work)! Yes, you can have addon domains, multiple databases and even be able to send out that email blast to thousands (just let us know your schedule and we’ll even focus some resources your way). Our $25 per month fee, means we can give you what you really need. Performance, Power and Structure all at once. Your developer will love us as we’ve set an industry standard WHM/cPanel in place with all of the proper features, none of the bloat!

Get In Touch:
Our clients have direct access to our staff via Phone, Email, Support Tickets and Live Chat. Remember, we are developers always actively working on new plugins, themes and WordPress in general. Yes, we build WordPress & WooCommerce web sites, and can help you build yours (see our Web Development page for costs). Please feel free to Contact Us or Live Chat with us at any time.

Additional information

Web Hosting Plan (Monthly/Yearly)

Paid Monthly $25, Paid Yearly $240 (20% discount)


8 CPU's Available

Virtual Memory:

2048MB (2GB)

Storage Space:

50GB to store anything related to the operation of your website. Need more space? Let us know!


1TB of Bandwidth Per Month on a 1GB Uplink.


Up to 100 Email Accounts

Outgoing Email:

No limits on outgoing email. However, if you are sending thousands of emails we ask that you please let us know your sending schedule – so we may adjust to you.


Support from actual Developers that understand the inside and out of your WordPress site. Our developers can be hired to create new plugins, themes, modifications and entire sites. Phone, Email, Submit a Ticket or just Contact Us.


Free Site Migration from any host. No limitations or restrictions, as we are well versed in all hosting platforms and scenarios. If we can get to your files and database, we can move your site!

Dedicated IP:

1 Free Dedicated IP

SSL Certificate:

1 Free SSL Certificate to help keep your site secure. Great for any WooCommerce WordPress site.


PHP Multi Selector allows you to select which version of php to run. From 5.5 to 7.1 (at current). Further more, you are allowed to edit the variables, as to help create the environment necessary for your site to thrive.

mySQL Database:

Up to 10 mySQL Databases allowed (by default). If you need more, let us know and we'll do our best to either assign your more resources, or find you a server that best fits your needs.

Hidden Fee's:

Absolutely NO hidden fee's.

Domain Name:

If there is one thing you should not do – it's put all of your eggs in one basket! We discourage buying hosting and domains in one place, as it gives the host leverage to charge hidden fee's, or even hold your account for ransom. Instead, we encourage you to purchase your domain with any qualified (professional) registrar out there. This way, you (the site/domain owner) maintain 100% full control at all times. If you need help purchasing a domain, or changing your DNS, please let us know as we are glad to help or even give you a few referrals.

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