No Gimmick cPanel Linux Web Hosting!

$9.99 / month

Simple, gimmick free, no nonsense, serious web hosting!


Here’s What You’ll Get!

Ad Free, Super Clean cPanel Hosting
10GB Hard Drive Space (more if you need it, just ask)
100% Free SSL (free, as in free, as in never ask you for money free)
25 Email Accounts, Free Site Migrations, Free Support



Are you tired of all the ploys and tricks in the gimmick ridden world of web hosting? We are! Looking for a nice clean cPanel, on a powerfully fast host, in an amazing data center, without having 1,000 neighboring sites slowing you down? You’ve found your home! We’re web developers who wanted no-nonsense, gimmick free hosting which performs to the highest standards, while focusing on one thing – super fast web hosting! We don’t up-sell, we give you a 100% free SSL (because every site should have one) and you can cancel without a single hassle or even logging into our site!


Why? Because we’ve been there. We’ve all hosted with “insert big name here“, and found out the hard way! If your cPanel is filled with advertising garbage, and you have no ability to take backups, what are you paying for? Paying to see more advertisements? Paying to be upsold to? Lack of abilities (like backups) are clear signs that the web hosting server is “over sold” (hosting far too many websites at once). Paying for slow, degraded service, on a machine that has far too many users, is a thing of the past. Our goal is to simply supply the cleanest cPanel interface with the exact tools needed, the awesome options that make web developers and site owners happy, and a simple method of paying and cancelling without any hassles.

Inadvertently as Green as they come...

Our web hosting servers are located in the NYC Metro area (that’s geek talk for “most likely New Jersey”) on the Digital Realty networks. Powered by 60% non-renewable resources (the other 40% is using solar, wind and hydro). 😛

Seriously Awesome for WordPress!

One thing that always drove us crazy, was how slow WordPress runs on most hosts. It becomes so normal, you don’t even know how slow it really is. As experienced, seasoned web developers, we would go in and out of several different web hosting servers each day. Experiencing all of the pitfalls and slow downs of big name snail speed servers.


WordPress is a unique beast of it’s own. There is a lot going on inside, and the majority of our own development is focused exclusively on WordPress.  While we wanted our hosting to be more “universal”, we paid close attention to the various needs of a WordPress site. Quite simply, WordPress just runs amazing on our servers. Give it a try for yourself and see.

Seriously Talented Support!

We’re here for you! Our support staff are intelligent developers. You can ask us complicated questions. We’ll always answer. Ever been told “You have too many plugins”? That’s not an answer, that’s a support person who doesn’t know how to debug or fix any code. We develop plugins, themes, websites, apps and more and have likely already been through what you are going through. Also, we’re absolutely fun to speak with (all native born US English speaking super geeks building websites every day).

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