10 Reasons Why Your Cheap Hosting Sucks!

The Web Hosting industry is filled with buyers remorse, and it’s something we’re here to fix! How many times have you seen or heard of that super cheap deal of $2.95 or $3.95 per month for web hosting. But what does that price get you, and is it the real price??? After over a decade of developing on nearly every major host to ever exist – here’s our list of 10 Reasons Why Your Cheap Hosting SUCKS!

1) The pricing is a lie! Buyers Remorse.
If we take a look at an easy target (say HostGator or GreenGeeks), you’ll notice both companies go a long way to try and impose their amazingly cheap prices on you. But what’s that little * we see next to the promoted super cheap $3.95* per month pricing. Oh, that’s right. It means “we’re not being upfront with you, buyer beware”. Better think twice before moving forward… Looking deeper into the reality of this sales pitch, any seasoned developer will quickly realize that this is a ploy. The super cheap pricing, is only had if you purchase 3 years of service at once. It is not monthly pricing, despite depicting as monthly. Both companies hide this as thoroughly as possible! Waiting for you to catch it later on your CC statement. Now, by the time you catch on, you’ll be beyond their 30 day guarantee – which means that attractive guarantee meant nothing. This is the foremost cause of Buyers Remorse in the Web Hosting Industry. People who really can’t afford $3.95 x 36 (which equals $142.20 by the way), often incur all sorts of overage fee’s at their own banks. While the pricing may vary, the scam is the same. That cheap hosting your using, lie’s from the very fist words they promote on their site.

2) Cheap Hosting is not Affordable Quality
Now that we understand the ploy. Let’s look at the real pricing. To buy hosting at a per month rate (using the above reference of HostGator or GreenGeeks) you actually have to pay more like $10.95 per month. And for what? Their lowest grade service. NO SSL! NO backups, an extremely limited cPanel, limited CPU, limited I/O. If we needed an SSL, and Backups, we’re now at about $19.95 per month! That’s not a good deal, and you are getting nickle and dimed just to achieve “basic” web hosting. You can do far better than this.

3) $3.95 Will Never Buy Quality Support
Because the pricing is so low, the product itself must be cheapened out. You find that 99% of hosting providers outsource their support to India. There will be a very small remote staff in the US (if you are lucky) just to keep the facade up. Level 1 Support will likely be all India. While your server admins will be all Russian. In the spirit of community, it can be great to hire people from around the world. However, this is being done because these workers are in the race to the bottom with each other. Workers in India charge 1/4 the rate. They often forget to use connecting or transition words in their typing, yet they supply the cheapest solution for a cheap host to be “cheap”.

4) Cheap Support = Lost In Translation
Really corny, generic name changes afoot. A random Indian name like Gauntum Harishni will become “George Handers” and he will abuse the ever loving crap out of the English language. All while attempting to support you on that weird email error you’re having.

The problem here, is that if English is your first language, you can, and will, communicate in quite complex ways. As the saying goes – “Lost in Translation”. Ever wonder why you just can’t get that simple issue fixed? It’s because the person with the fake name on the other end – doesn’t understand you. Dumb it down, keep it stupidly simple and you are likely to get much further.

5) Cheap Hosting, means a LOT of neighbors
The cheaper the price, the more neighbors you’ll have! Just think about it for one moment. If you owned a web hosting company, and you charged only $3.95 per month – how do you profit? You’d have to have 100’s, if not a thousand sites on that one machine, just to make enough income to pay your outsourced workers. The more neighboring sites you have, the higher the chances of downtime, hacks, and all sorts of issue’s – which will likely be blamed on your site if you ask too many questions.

6) A Lot of Neighbors, lots of RISK!
When you are on that cheap shared hosting, and you have all these sites running off of the same shared IP address. What happens when one of those sites get’s hacked and starts sending spam emails? You go down with them! You get blocked and it causes a nightmare for any active website that thrives off of those email services.

7) Drag & Drop = Proprietary Nonsense!
Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a trend in cheap hosts trying to promote their own drag & drop site builders. Promoted as the next greatest thing. Quick hint – they are NOT! This is proprietary garbage. Uninformed users get into the trap of being sold such pretty pictures and happy users dragging things around like it was some fun game. The reality is: IF you used any of these, you run the risk of being stuck with that host, for the rest of your life. When you want something it doesn’t do, you can’t have it! Or it’s an expensive “add on”. SEO wise, you are the bottom of the barrel and can barely be helped. There is a reason why things like WordPress & Joomla took over. It opens doors to the unlimited, without being proprietary. You can freely move your WordPress site around. While you can NEVER freely move that proprietary drag & drop POS they sold you, because it’s not yours, and never was.

8) The Unlimited Hard Drive… NOT!
Last I checked, the “unlimited” sized hard drive does not exist. Most cheap hosts promote “unlimited storage”. But when you read the fine lines in their TOS, you find out that every file must be used on your website, or the file can not be there. Further more, mailbox size restrictions will be imposed (storing too much mail).. But what happened to that unlimited storage space??? I guess that depends on how you look at it. Either way, it’s false advertising.

9) Limited I/O Usage
In order to cram so many websites into one machine, the server administrator must limit the I/O usage of each website. This (in simplified terms) means that you get just enough resources to barely run your website. And if you do too much, you’ll experience 503 “Service Temporarily Unavailable” or “Resource Limit Reached” type messages. This is in hopes that the host can persuade you to upgrade to one of their “Pro” plans, where you get twice the resources. But twice the resources of barely enough start with, and double the price??? That’s not good at all.

10) The Race to the Bottom! EIG Wins!
All in all, cheap hosting is just the race to the bottom. It’s given a bad name to the web hosting industry in general. A lot of this can be blamed on EIG. This mega conglomerate buys web hosting companies often. They in turn, fire the staff and outsource everything. Each time they take over another web host, a mass exodus of users pour into the non-EIG owned companies (to which there are not many able to even compete against the 60+ companies EIG now owns). Ahhh, the great race to the bottom. They essentially compete against themselves in the cheapest price battle… Something we do not partake in.

Now that you’ve read the Top 10 Reasons Why Your Cheap Hosting Sucks!, why don’t you read on and see why we are not your cheap host! We came here to chew bubblegum and kick-ass, and we’re all out of bubblegum so read on – 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love AMP Hosting!

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