10 Reasons Why You’ll Love AMP Hosting!

Hey, we’re not your usual web host. Amplify your web hosting, with serious, high quality web hosting from AMP. Here’s our 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love AMP Hosting!

1) Up front, NO BS Pricing
There are no little *’s next to our prices. There are no hidden fee’s in our prices. We believe that upfront pricing is the key to happy customers. You should know that you pay a quality price, for a serious web hosting solution. There will never be any buyers remorse with AMP. And you can hold us to that.

2) All US Support from real Web Developers & Server Admins
Our all US Support is made up of developers, designers and administrators. We know the inside and out of your hosting server. We understand WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Forums, PHP, Javascript, mySQL and a lot more! The best part is, we’re always happy to help. It’s what we do! Our staff are friendly and charming all the time. Even when you are in crisis because you deleted that page and just need a restore. We’re here for you.

3) Web Development In-House
Our web development team are 2nd to none. Developing super high-quality websites, SEO’s, eCommerce businesses and more. We know the inside and out of web development, and can help you design, build, add to, modify or promote anything you’d like. Host with us and get discounts on web development. Your support agent can easily go from support to development!

4) Your developer will love us!
Have your own developer? They will love AMP. Our cPanel is fully functional, has no advertising, and includes every feature that you’ve come to expect when developing a content rich website. Full access to backups, php versions, sub-domains, addon domains and more, without any of the bloat.

5) More Resources, Less Restrictions
AMP web hosting has 4 to 8 times the resources over any standard host. We do not impose I/O restrictions. Instead, we look at traffic and how much you bring in. When the time is right (and you get to over 25,000 visitors per month) we’ll recommend a VPS or Dedicated server – as you are surely growing to a level that requires it.

6) Free Backups, Free SSL
In the name of security, every single AMP accounts receives a free SSL. This not only helps your visitors to feel safe, it also keeps prying eye’s away from sensitive data.  Every account receives free backups and restorations as well.

7) Musicians & Artists, We Love You!
We’ve made a great name designing, developing and hosting musician and artist web sites. If you are a highly creative type, talk to us! We often make deals with struggling artists and offer as much guidance as possible for those trying to get a leg up in the creative world.

8) All Intel Xeon Servers – Very Few Neighbors
You get what you pay for! And at AMP, we give you a lot more in return. Our Intel Xeon servers are tuned to perfection. Only allowing a small select few sites per server – allowing us to dedicated more resources to your web hosting. Resulting in the fastest performance possible – as you are no longer competing for resources.

9) Raid Mirroring, Remote Backups, 2 HR SLA Hardware Replacement
With all of our servers, we have a 2 hour SLA. This means that if a piece of equipment where to fail, we shall have it replaced within 2 hours. We use raid mirroring to mirror our hard drives, as well as weekly remote backups in case of complete disaster.

10) Green, Clean & Well Connected!
Our data center is built to the latest standards and is powered by 40% solar, wind and hydro. Our main DC is in the NYC Metro area and is the perfect choice for  US, CA and UK/EU connectivity.

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